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Those of us who are fortunate enough to live with and love animals, get into a rhythm with them.  This rhythm means that we know instinctively when they are not quite themselves, not balanced.
Sometimes this imbalance is physical, sometimes emotional and sometimes both.  It can also be due to those intense waves of energy which affect all life on Earth.

Whether or not we are aware of these energy waves, they do affect us to varying degrees.  The more sensitive someone is, the greater they will feel these energies.
Animals are by their very nature very sensitive, very attuned, so naturally they respond in ways which allow them to manage the prevailing energies as best they can.

For instance, cats don’t generally appreciate loud noises or the sound of arguements.  They will retreat to a quiet place to avoid the disturbance and also be wary of those rowing, until they have calmed down.  Self protection is a natural instinct.

Recently there have been prolonged and intense energy waves affecting us.

One of my cats, the most attuned and sensitive soul, was completely wiped out by this.  He wasn’t ill, in the physical sense, he wasn’t unhappy, but he was completely exhausted and zoned out.

He needed to be warm, really warm, which is unusual for him but is a sign of his need to rebalance.  So he lay next to the hottest radiator, wrapped in a blanket, with a hot water bottle, in a sort of daze.  His eyes were bright and his coat smooth and shiny.  He was not ill but he was dealing with the energy as best he could.

I helped him with some angelic healing and then he slept.  Eventually he ate a few biscuits and slept again.  By early evening he was nibbling more food and drinking water. He was coming back into himself.  The next day he was back to normal.

Very often when an animal isn’t themselves and there are no obvious signs of illness, like bleeding or crying in pain, or dull eyes, just giving them extra love and care, for 24 hours, time to restore themselves is all that is needed.