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Services & Fees

The way I work is through distance healing; a telepathic heart to heart communication with each animal. This means that they receive feelings of totally unconditional love, on the highest wavelength or vibration possible.

Being on this wavelength means that the animal feels able to express themselves freely and so is able to ask for and receive healing, understanding and support at their physical, emotional and soul levels.

Working holistically in this way, means that each animal can be restored to their individual peak of health, wellbeing and happiness.

Animals have always been at the heart of my life. My love for them is my ruling passion.

Distance Healing and Communication session £70.

I offer a free consultation so that you can decide if I am the right person to help. My Contact Me page has the details.


Pet Bereavement

I understand the pain that goes with the loss of an animal friend when they die. My own pain on these sad occasions has been helped by a process, which I am now able to share with those going through the grief of losing a beloved pet.


Channelled Information

This process involves a communication with the animal in spirit, during which I can ask questions and receive information from them, on your behalf, to ease the pain of parting.



Terms & Conditions

I accept cash, cheque and BACS transfer as payment.

Like to know more?

Please contact me for a your free consultation either by calling 01629 735 224 or 07551 815 353 or filling out our contact form.