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About Me

My name is Annie Marston and I am a natural healer. Pumpkin, one of my cats was instrumental in my becoming an Animal Healer.

One night, she was suddenly and violently taken ill. Wishing to comfort her but reluctant to distress her further, I sat beside her and instead of stroking her, moved my hands above her body. I felt a strong pull between my hand and her stomach as if connected by a rod. I continued moving my hands over her until this sensation faded, at this point, Pumpkin relaxed, purred, curled up and slept for the next twelve hours. When she woke she was perfectly well.

I was thrilled, amazed and confused. I could see that Pumpkin was completely better, I knew what I’d felt but I didn’t then understand quite what was happening.

A couple of weeks later I met an acquaintance with her dog. I was shocked to see Molly’s distended stomach and her obvious discomfort. The diagnosis was a non-operable malignant tumour. My heart went out to Molly and her Mum and without knowing what I was offering, I asked if I could spend some time with the little dog.

Her owner agreed, saying she didn’t believe in that sort of thing but for her dog, she would give it a go. I went home with them, sat on the kitchen floor with Molly and talked to her whilst repeating the healing process that had worked for Pumpkin.

After about 10 minutes Molly’s eyes were bright again. The pain had gone.
She turned round, licked my face and wandered off to her water bowl. I was relieved that at least she was feeling easier in herself.

Two weeks later I bumped into Molly and her now smiling Mum. Their vet had confirmed what anyone could see: Molly’s stomach had reverted to its normal shape and size; there was absolutely no sign of the growth.

I was overjoyed and so very grateful. These two special animals had set me on the path to my life’s work and taught me so much in the process. I went on to explore and understand energy healing in various forms, which now combine with communication techniques to produce a true insight into each animal’s needs.
I have developed animal communication techniques, which combined with the healing give me a real insight into each animal’s needs.

Natural healing is holistic, that is it works for the whole animal, it is not restricted to one area of the body or to one aspect of its nature, be that physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. Many people have seen their animals benefit from natural healing, when they themselves did not know which way to turn. It is my belief that at any one time certain treatments or approaches will be more successful than others. By connecting to the appropriate energy level for an animal’s needs I have seen what people may call miracles happen over and over again.

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