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Opening your Heart to Animals

Because I connect to animals from my heart, this is what I teach. This is most likely why I was given the title for this workshop. The name came as pure inspiration, in a flash, one Saturday morning whilst I was talking about workshops with a friend in her kitchen. Over time although the content of the course has developed in alignment with my understanding, the essential heart based approach remains at its centre.

The first half-day is all about YOU. We look at energy techniques, how to work with energy and understand sensitivity. We look at ways to raise our emotional energy levels, to make practical changes in any areas, which no longer fit or do any good and there is the opportunity to receive individual channeled information which supports you in all of this.

The second half-day, usually around a month later, once these energies have settled, shows you how to heal and communicate with animals. We use animal photographs for this, plus direct communication with any of my own animals that choose to join in. We look at various healing methods and I share some of my animal stories to illustrate the work.

I offer this course on an individual one to one basis, so as to ensure you have a safe and confidential place in which to open your heart and receive this loving connection for yourself and the animal kingdom.

The cost of Opening Your Heart to Animals is £495.00; I ask for a deposit of £95.00 when you book your place, the balance can either be paid in full at the first session or in instalments, by arrangement.

Energy Awareness Workshop

Do you wonder why some days are good and some not so good?
Why a planned event turns out to be disappointing ?
Why you take an instant like or dislike to a particular person, place or even piece of music?
Do you find it difficult to let go of the work day?
Do thoughts and worries keep you awake at night?
Are you tired of following your dreams but getting lost on the way?
Do you wonder why things that used to interest you have lost their meaning?
Are you feeling bewildered by all of this?

The ENERGY AWARENESS WORKSHOP will give you the answers to all these questions and more, much more, including an understanding of what it means to be sensitive,
how to move from passive to active, how to take a powerful stance in your own life, how to move into 5D living and how this differs radically from what we have grown up with ie 3D living, how to apply energy awareness in a practical way to help with issues such as money, work and relationships – including those with your animals.

This dynamic 3 hour workshop will give you the tools, the practical means to be energy aware and so change your outlook and expectations from just surviving to positively thriving.

The Workshop is available either as a one to one half day session  or in 3 separate phone sessions. Cost £222.
Alternatively as a group session for 2-4 friends. Payment is by Bank transfer or cheque.

Please Contact Me with any questions or for more information.

Like to know more?

If you have any questions or would like to explore Opening Your Heart to Animals, please contact me using the button below or on either 01629735224 or 07551815353