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How I Work

The way I work combines healing for an animal’s physical and emotional issues with a communication and intuitive understanding of why the animal is feeling as they are.

This understanding is so important: to be able to get to the root cause of any problem is the true remedy and brings lasting benefits for you and your animal friend be assured that your animal’s wellbeing is as vital to me, as it is to you.


Distance Healing

I specialise in distance healing because experience has taught me that this is the most direct and effective way to help animals to get better.


Distance is literally no object to the healing being received

During a healing session I connect telepathically to the animal via their photo which enables me to understand what they need to support their recovery and to send, or channel, precisely that to them.

Communicating this way with an animal can often provide their human with insights into their pet’s point of view that both surprise and help them both to a closer connection.

After the session I will contact you so that we can discuss progress.