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I think that for animal lovers and their animals, Autumn is a mixed blessing.  Who doesn’t love seeing the trees as the colours change, or walking through the crunch of fallen leaves?

There’s a hint of chill on the air as we recognise that the season has changed, that we need to adapt.


Cats take to Autumn with open arms, more sleeping, always a bonus- more eating, can’t be bad.  Dogs appreciate the new smells and sensations making a familiar walk, new again.


Then there’s Hallow’een and Bonfire Night.  This fortnight is a tricky time for most animals so here are my suggestions for making this time as stress free as possible, for you and them.


  1. Bach flower Rescue Remedy.  A couple of drops in drinking water each day as a support and then given direct if needs be.
  2. If your pet is naturally nervous anyway, give Bach flower Aspen as well.
  3. Leaving the radio on when you go out is a good idea but even better at this time of year is music designed specifically for relaxing and soothing animals.
  4. since I found Pet Therapy: Sleep music for dogs and cats on YouTube, it’s been a great help.
  5. Ideally your pet won’t be left home alone after dark.
  6. Remember that animals take their cue from us.  If we are nervous on their behalf, they will be nervous too.  The calmer we are, the calmer this helps them to be.  If they become afraid, it’s better to reassure in your normal voice.
  7. Make a temporary bolt hole, dogs will appreciate this.  The Dogs Trust suggest making a den under a table using bedding and then covering the table with a blanket.  A safe, dark place but not shut away.
  8. Keep them indoors.  When cats hear unexpected bangs they tend to run away from the scene- this means they try to get out of the house, so keep the cat flap locked.
  9. Make sure any animals who live outdoors are as safe and secure as possible.  Use the remedies for them too.
  10. Relax.