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Maybe we don’t always recognise or appreciate the impact that we have on the members of our animal family.  In fairness, until we are made aware how can we adjust our understanding?


A couple of weeks ago I was approached by someone who couldn’t understand why her little terrier had been avoiding her company for the previous few weeks.  She explained that normally they would sit together; he could sleep on the bed if he liked and they were very close, physically and emotionally.

However, latterly her dog refused even to be in the same room as her.  He was literally getting up and leaving as she was coming towards him. Naturally, this was both puzzling and upsetting for her.


When I asked if there had been any disruption or upset at home, I was told that things had been very difficult.  A house move had fallen through, another family member was moving back home and she herself had been struggling to find a way through these practical issues.


Then I explained that her uncertainty was reflected in her dog’s behaviour.  We all radiate our emotions, be they happy and calm or frantic and sad.  Animals pick up on these emotions and very sensibly vote with their feet, avoiding the source of uncomfortable energies and drawing close to soothing and loving ones.


I asked if she had thought of explaining to her dog what was going on and telling him that whatever happened, he would be loved and cared for to the best of her ability.  No, she hadn’t thought of that, she hadn’t realised that this could make any difference.

I suggested that she try this approach and see what happened.


Within a very few days things were back to normal.  The two of them resumed their close relationship and all because they were back on the same wavelength.  The practical issues were being resolved but in the meantime their impact was no longer driving a wedge between the two of them.


Animals like humans, prefer to be kept in the picture.  They don’t enjoy living with insecurity.  As in all relationships, keeping the communication going, keeps us together.  Try it and see!