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I’ve just finished healing sessions for two cats and a girl. One of the cats, a small black and white girl was unhappy because she felt anxious. She felt her mother hadn’t loved her as much as she would have wanted. I reassured this beautiful little animal that her Mum had loved her the best way she could and that was no reflection on how loveable her kitten actually was.

Our emotions affect our physical body, which is why only looking at or treating the physical aspect of any condition can only bring a partial or temporary solution. The little cat in question has problems with her skin. The skin is the largest organ of the body. When we are not at ease within we are unhappy in our own skin, then, eventually this emotion, the unhappiness will break out in a physical way.

This is true whether we are feline, canine, equine or human. We all desire unconditional love and if it isn’t available we initially think it’s our fault.

Healing can and does help an animal or a person to release this belief.
Understanding that unconditional love has first to come from within is a big shift, which leads to great peace of mind and great joy. Being able to bring animals and individuals to this understanding is a gift I am thankful for and love to share.