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I hope that you enjoyed a wonderful Christmas and will now enjoy a happy and fulfilling New Year.

Snow January 2015

Charlie – cat decided to have his present early.  No sooner had I hidden three catnip mice in the top of a wardrobe, when he was in the room, knocking against the door until the top door was jolted open.  Out fell one of the mice and Charlie’s Christmas had begun!

As the fabulous Freddie Mercury used to sing, ” I want it all, I want it now!”


Why not have it now?  Why wait to have fun?  Animals live in the moment, which is one of their great examples for us to follow. Have you ever thought how odd it is that we, who are called human beings, seem to spend most of our time as human doings?  Animals, on the other hand, take action as necessary and then stop.  They don’t multi task, they are in the moment.

Because there was heavy snow here over Christmas, no one went anywhere. Hooray!  Instead, I indulged myself and caught up with the delights of Tintin and Professor Brainstorm.  Being childlike and playful and having fun is something else I think we can learn from our animals.


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