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I was tempted to call this article “Summer’s Here!” but it isn’t.  The weather has been warm and inviting us to relax and enjoy ourselves but as we know, things can change.  So, I reminded myself to just be in the moment, be present and observe what is.

Being Present

Why do we reply, “Present” when answering the register at school?  Well obviously because we are actually there, present in the moment. The other meaning of ” Present” is of course, a gift.  When we combine these two ideas of immediacy and gift, we can appreciate why living in the moment, being present, not worrying about what has gone or what is to come, is a true gift to ourselves.


This gift is one, which animals instinctively give to themselves.  As I write this, two of my cats are fast asleep, without a care in the world.  Five minutes ago, they were asking to be fed.  Later they will . . . Do whatever they do later.  They are fully occupied, in the moment, making the best of the warm weather, which does make them want to sleep more.


The hens are wandering round the garden, ambling through the grass, calm and quiet.  Again their behaviour reflects the moment and it is a warm day, especially for very feathery girls as these two are. They are unconcerned as to the weather in two or three days time, that’ll be then and this is now.


As a result of these thoughts, I am offering MINDFULNESS WALKS.  The idea is to walk with awareness of your presence, your footsteps, the earth you stand on, so as to bring you calmness and peace of mind.

So, each Wednesday morning, starting on 21st May 2014 through to the end of June 2014 we will walk on Stanton Moor, for about an hour and a half, 10.30 till 12pm.


There will be time and space to connect to nature, to share ideas and ask questions, to meditate and be present.


The cost is £35, of which I am donating £15 to the Derwent Valley Donkey Sanctuary Stable Appeal.  This is to buy replacement stabling to ensure the donkeys are dry and sheltered from the winter weather. Donkeys are not animals to stand out in all weathers.


So if you would like to join with me to find some inner calm, in a beautiful place, whilst helping animals, contact me (on my website) to reserve a place on one or more of these walks.


I look forward to being with you.