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I went for a walk on Sunday, through the fields, by the stream and up to my brothers’ old primary school, now being remodeled into housing.  Things change, things move on.

The current primary school still has its green fields, there are nesting boxes, fabulous views and many trees to nurture for the children.

Tabsy Boolah

Walking back, I stopped by the stream, a perfect place to think.  Sunday brought the New Moon, a time to review the month, release any aspects that we choose to lose and to set intentions for the four weeks ahead.  As I stood there under the trees, surrounded by a carpet of celandines, I noticed a fat, fluffy feather just in front of me. I always associate this type of feather with angels and animals, especially cats.

Seeing this feather brought back memories of Tabsy Boolah, a very special tabby boy who passed away eleven years ago and how I found so many of these feathers in odd places in the days following his passing

Suddenly I had to turn round and there, walking purposefully down the path past the school, his tail held high in greeting was a beautiful ginger and white cat.  He made a beeline for me, taking my effusive welcome in his stride. He then proceeded to go through a work out of rolling, stretching and finally an impressive and unexpected back flip. Luckily for me he also enjoyed cuddling, stroking and attention.

I really don’t have favourites so maybe it’s because I’m a redhead myself, that my heart automatically misses a beat when I’m with a ginger cat.  After a while we said our goodbyes, he went hunting and I went to the cat loving garden centre.

Here I learned his name, his address and some of his habits.  Apparently testing the cat beds and conservatory furniture they have on sale, is one of this ginger boy’s services.  He has also tested their alarm system by getting locked in one night… Helpful boy!

In my thinking, this particular cat’s appearance just as I was setting my intentions, confirms that this next lunar month will enable me to create my intentions and more.  Not just a cat, but a ginger cat, even more divine.

Of course, a confirmatory sign for you wouldn’t necessarily be a cat, but it would be something which held a heartfelt meaning for you, maybe a colour, a song, even a particular aircraft.  In other words, it would be on your highest wavelength.

The value of the symbolism lies in its relevance to the individual.

Thank goodness for this loving and responsive Universe.