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Valentine’s Day is almost here and you can’t escape hearts and flowers and all things romantic and who’d want to?  But love is all around, not just on one day but every day as I think this story shows.

One Friday a friend asked if I knew of anyone who would like a stray black and white cat that she and her friends were concerned about.  I made a couple of calls and a lovely lady, who’s been a client of mine for years, said she’d certainly be interested. Wow! Another friend offered B and B for this so far unnamed little feline until he could move in to a permanent home. Wow again and thanks all round.  This was going so well.

By the evening, yet another friend of a friend had enticed Little Feline into their house, where he spent a warm, dry night.  On the Saturday he was taken to his B and B, where everyone fell in love with this cuddly, black and white boy. On the Sunday he met his new family.  Love at first sight for all concerned.

On the Monday he started his new life, not only with a family who loved him to bits already, but with a waiting list of people who wished he could have come to them!

The great thing about this is not just how this scrummy cat found a real home, off the streets, but that one way or another, ten people came together, united by their love for animals and made this happen. Love in action.

In this spirit, I would like to mark Valentine’s Day with a gift to you.  If you request healing or telepathic communication with your animal friends at any time this month, all sessions will be half price at £25. Please Contact Me for more information and to book.

Finally, just to let you know that there is an article about my work with a very special horse in the current edition of “Chat, it’s Fate” magazine.

With blessings to you and your animal friends,

Annie M.