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When I read the phrase “Only connect” in “Howard’s End”, by E.M. Forster, something clicked into place in me.  I have always believed that everything is connected, that we are all one. Animals, children, men, women, mountains, slugs, flowers, rocks, we share this planet and have the ability to react each to the other in many ways.  So, we are all connected. Our lives and existences are interlinked. What is the connector, the link between us all?  I believe it is the energy of love.  The love, which accepts, recognises and appreciates the very best in the person, the animal, the place, and the situation.  This energy of love enables us to flow with life, to be in and of the flow.

Last week I was able to experience a series of these connections, in a way that unfolded with perfect synchronicity.

For sentimental reasons to do with my late Father, I chose to use what had been “his” local Post Office. There were forms to be filled and procedures to go through, I knew it would take a while, so I offered my place in the queue to the couple behind me.  They thanked me and went ahead, whilst I struggled to fill in the forms.  As I was doing this, Sam the Post Office Labrador meandered out from behind the counter to see me.  I was more than thrilled to see him as he is now nearly 14 and I hadn’t seen him since treating his arthritis a couple of years ago.

When my turn came, the postmaster commented on my house name, Langdales, and asked if it was a tribute to the Lake District.  I agreed that it was and said that Father had lived up there. It then turned out that this is where the postmaster was off to on his next holiday.  All these links being made and all on the same wavelength.  The transaction took as long as it took but I had such a lovely time, being with Sam, meeting the lovely couple, having a chat about places known to me and my Father, which brought back memories of him.

The next afternoon I walked into my monthly singing group and who should be sitting there but the woman who’d been in the post office the day before!  We looked at each other and burst out laughing.  Neither of us lives in either the village where the post office is, nor in the town where the singing group is held.  We laughed so much the teacher asked if we were friends.  We both said no, but in our hearts we said YES.  We exchanged names and will meet up.  We live less than a mile from each other.

This theme of connection has been on my mind even more than usual lately because I have agreed to be an ambassador for a beautiful online resource, writings, photographs, stories all linked with the underlying acceptance that we are all one.  The name of this haven is One soul many hearts and I would encourage you to try it for yourself by clicking here.

With love, until the next time.