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Twice in the last few days, I have looked up into the sky just as the buzzards appeared.  Although they have been increasingly frequent highflying visitors in recent years, each of these sightings was special.

The first time there were four buzzards, apparently floating above me.  The second time, just a few minutes ago there were nine of these beautiful creatures.  The significance of the numbers struck me.  Four is balanced, all in place.  Nine is the completion of a cycle.

These visitations have come at a time of significant solar and lunar activity – and the birds appear to have changed.  On each occasion the birds all appeared to have silver undercarriages. This was not a “trick of the light”.  I have seen countless buzzards in many lights and this was special. The buzzards were literally showing more of themselves than ever before you could say, they were showing themselves in a new light, as we can if we know how.

At this time, on this amazing planet, however we feel our individual lives are going, there is so much more that is unfolding if only we have eyes to see it and open minds to access it.

My life with animals has gifted me with the tools to feel at home in the world and to incorporate many truths and skills, which were ignored or even forbidden, when I was younger.  This awareness is something to be shared.  If you would like to know more and would like to expand your connection to living fully, whatever your circumstances, I trust you will get in touch with me for a personal and enlightening consultation.