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Two of my darling cats, sisters Pansy and Pumpkin, have both passed away this year, within six months of each other.  Because my home is up for sale, I buried each of them in large, terracotta planters, just near the back door, where they are still part of the comings and goings.  This choice of resting place means they can come with me and the rest of my animal family when we move.

devine purrfection 2

Last Friday, Pansy and Pumpkin’s mother, who lived not far away, was put to sleep.  Via had had a troubled life and her ending reflected this.  I have always been grateful to this little cat for the gift of her two daughters and so I decided to show my love by dedicating a place to her, between her offspring’s resting places.

On Friday, when I learned what was to happen to Via, I had linked telepathically to her, sending love and reassurance, gratitude and support for her in her final moments.  As we connected, the image of a small, pale, brown butterfly came into my head.  I couldn’t identify it even though it was such a vivid, clear image.

Today, I picked flowers for her.  Just three small scented blooms: one from Pansy, one from Pumpkin and one from me, a tiny wallflower, a pink and a rose.  Between their resting places I have a statue of a cat, given to me years ago by a friend.  I dedicated this statue to Via as her special place. I shared five rose quartz crystals between them, for love and peace.

As I stood back and connected to these three beautiful feline spirits and gave thanks for the joy, the learning and the love we had shared, a small, pale, brown butterfly fluttered down and rested on the ground between us.

The connection was complete.  They are at peace.  We are all one.  God bless them all.  DIVINE PURRFECTION in action.