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Up early today to meditate before my first appointment, a beautiful greyhound boy. My reward for being up at this unusual hour was the sight of two buzzards wheeling across the sky.

At first they drifted through the Dale, then turned on the air current and were carried over the garden.  My heart was racing, as I went outside to welcome them.  There is something about buzzards, which excites me and makes my heart soar.  I truly feel that they are connecting me to their world, their freedom and their magnificence.

I remember twenty years ago, being on holiday on Scotland, travelling to a remote valley expressly to look for buzzards and now they visit me in Derbyshire.  How times change, lucky me!

CoCo and ZoZo, safe in the hen run did not share my pleasure.  They stood together making soft clucking sounds till the buzzards soared higher and out of sight.  The hens were relieved and I was more than ready for the day, inspired by our early callers.

Buzzards before Breakfast