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Following on from the last entry, “Orangutans and Pheasants”, I had a beautiful confirmation of divine alignment.

Over the past 15 years pheasants have been feeding in the garden, in large numbers but until yesterday there had never been a black one.  I had never seen one anywhere and yet, there she was in all her glory:  black from head to tail.  She stayed to feed for about 20 minutes whilst I crept to and from the window to fetch binoculars.  She returned later for a snack, a wonderful sight highlighted by the still white snow all around her.

Why divine alignment, or synchronicity?  In my philosophy there is no such thing as coincidence because that would presuppose a random, disconnected universe.  My life and work with animals has taught me that we are all connected. We are all linked by the highest possible energy, that of unconditional love.  When we are living from that place we attract similar energy and experiences.

You try going out tomorrow with a smile on your face for everyone you meet and see what response you get.  Like attracts like.  This fabulous, black pheasant represented a “Thank you” from the pheasant collective. In my small way, I had spoken up for them and her appearance was my confirmation that they were grateful.  Another strengthening of our loving connections.